Partner With SPN

An important benefit of Successful Practices Network membership is access to and information about individuals and organizations that offer resources, services, information, and support to individuals, districts, and schools about career readiness: readings, research, related topics, initiatives, advocacy, instructional and assessment tools, curriculum, professional development, and recommended “best practices”.
Informal interactions and sharing of ideas between and among members is an important way – perhaps the most effective way – that such awareness-building takes place on a daily basis. So, too, are network-provided events such as webinars, blogs, concept papers and other publications and the SPN’s own research.

However, SPN also offers its members access to information, resources, and services “partners” in two other specific ways:

  • 1. “ Resource Partners”

    are listed in an eclectic and inclusive “clearinghouse”-style list of possible resources, services, tools, contacts, organizations, websites, and other information and “instruments” that could be of potential interest and value to career readiness-focused educators, their students, and their stakeholders. The network does not recommend or make value judgments about what it reviews for listing in the Resource Partners clearinghouse, only providing awareness and basic information for network members and other prospective users. Members are invited to suggest additions to this “listing library”.

  • 2. “Successful Practices Partners”

    have been individually designated by the network as exemplary organizations – educators who we collaborate with on research and other education-related initiatives. Each “Successful Practices Partner” is individually selected by the SPN network and is thereby recommended to members as a transformative and innovative leader in its own area of specialization in support of students and educators.

For more information, see “Partners” tab.

Volunteer Leadership

The goal of the Successful Practices Network is sharing best practices in education to enhance student achievement in the area of career readiness. Experienced educators drive this effort, passionate about the importance of career readiness for students’ future success. This notion of learning from peers provides opportunities for volunteer leadership. If you are interested in joining this movement in some capacity other than exploring the web site, send us an email with your interest to

Following are examples of possible volunteer leadership roles.

  • Write a blog article
  • Conduct a research study in your school
  • Focus your graduate study research on an aspect of career readiness
  • Moderate a threaded discussion on a topic of interest
  • Create a “mini” professional development activity
  • Write and submit unique lessons plans and performance tasks
  • Lead a twitter chat
  • Submit interesting articles for our Flipbook (See below.)
  • Record video of outstanding student projects
  • Evaluate leadership tools

Join this movement to grow, give back, or just learn – by volunteering to work with us in helping students achieve career readiness.