Get Involved

Joining the Successful Practices Network (SPN) is an impactful and efficient way to get your entire school involved in coordinated improvement efforts. SPN Member Schools have access to a wide range of resources to extend and support local student and adult learning goals. SPN’s Network Team focuses on studying educational and cognitive research, standards and regulation, technology, the job market and how it will impact career skills, and leadership strategy. We regularly cull, analyze, synthesize, and share our findings with our Members. We also use the most current findings to inform our customized, one-on-one school coaching that each Member school receives.

Coaching from expert SPN professionals and the wealth of Member-driven resources enables a core SPN objective: to provide all Members with the kind of pliable, applicable, and relevant information to be proactive in their improvement efforts.

Through the Member portal, SPN shares observations, best practices, and on-the-ground insights and gains access to all Members. From this database, Members find a library of instructional tools, content ideas, leadership and organizational best practices, and lessons learned from the field that they can apply in their own schools. As an always-on portal, Members have the luxury to log in and find useful information when convenient for them.