All Network Members have access to the following set of features for their 12-month membership period:

                  Customized ongoing support from an SPN School Coach

  • Member schools are matched with a coach, who is a highly experienced expert in supporting improvement and change initiatives
  • The coach works with key school leaders to identify school needs and facilitating development of a school-level plan
  • Member schools will have a minimum of two hours per month of virtual coaching to support the goals identified in the planning process
  • School Coaches are also available to work in person with Member Schools at a reduced rate
  • A personal, friendly, collaborative community

                  Supportive, collaborative community

  • likeminded people who share values, goals, and the desire to exchange information.
  • Through the website Member portal, Members can engage with fellow Members about the issues important to them.
  • Members can create and join virtual groups based on the topics of their choosing, e.g. geography, job role, content areas, etc.
  • Members gain access to thought leaders who encourage and push Members to look up from the minutia and towards the larger, future-focused picture.
  • Members can host and/or join virtual coaching sessions and webinars with subject matter experts.

                  SPN Member Content Library

  • Content is Member contributed and Member driven, but SPN vetted and curated.
  • Content to include model lessons, assessments, instructional & organizational best practices
  • Members are encouraged to share content they believe will be of value to the community.
  • A significant benefit of this library is the breadth and variety of user-tested and SPN-vetted lesson plans. Members can search for lesson plans that are fresh, new, and current and select those that suit their specific student needs.

Repository of proprietary SPN tools

Membership buys access to all of SPN’s proprietary tools, created from over a decade of proprietary research and field-tested application.

Members can always access SPN’s tools, like The Learning Criteria for Career and College Readiness,

In-Person Events

The online component of SPN membership allows Members to find and contribute information and support when convenient for them. The in-person features of membership allow Members to move their online relationships into the real world, allowing the opportunity to strengthen ties. Research shows that the most productive relationships are those that exist both on and offline.

SPN School Membership will include registration for team of 3 to the national Membership Summit to be held in June 2017.

Discounted WE Surveys and Consulting/Professional Learning Days

SPN Members receive a discounted rate on all SPN We Surveys and on Professional Learning Days.

What do we ask of Member Schools?

As a Member-driven organization we are seeking schools that will maximize the impact of their membership through proactive engagement. We ask the following of all Member Schools:

  • Commitment to ensuring that ALL students have the benefit of a rigorous and relevant education
  • Identification of a school-based leadership team to focus efforts on impact and sustainable improvements
  • Identification of a “Network Team Leader” (ideally NOT the principal) to serve as a liaison with the Network School Coach and to ensure maximum benefit to the school
  • Commitment to at least 2 hours per month of virtual coaching with School Coach
  • Contribution of up to three best practices to share with other Network schools
  • Active engagement with Network Members from around the United States
  • Ability to pay annual fee         

Application and Pricing

The first step in becoming a Network Member is completing the Network Member School Application. Once we receive the complete application the SPN Membership Team will contact the lead person to discuss next steps.

Complete the SPN Application Form and submit to the SPN office or email to

Download PDF File Apply Now Online