Hunting for Patience

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Picture captured by Dr. G. McGough
Picture captured by Dr. G. McGough

Remember now the still and quiet places. Remember that they were here long before you, and shall remain long after you are no more. That you are but a small light passing briefly through the infinite darkness.

Tweet from Musical Artist Alexi Murdoch 

My headlamp danced to the gate of my walk while the crackling leaves voiced my quietly advancing presence on a lone trail in a dark wood. My tree stand sits silently waiting as the ultimate resting place for this bleary-eyed, early morning traveler.

Ultimately, my goal was to harvest a legal buck and fill my freezer with venison for the upcoming winter. This singular goal drew me out of a warm sleeping bag and into the cold autumn morning.

Disclaimer: NON-HUNTERS and even ANTI-HUNTERS please know that no animal was harmed in the writing of this blog post.

Geographical isolation and a thick canopy of Eastern woodlands prevented all technological interference, I was just a man left alone to his thoughts for ten hours. If one were to judge the day based upon the original goal of harvesting a buck, I failed…but failing has never left me feeling this good.

After a few hours of slowly acclimating to the cold environs, I noticed movement off to my left as several doe and their fawn meandered in a zig-zagging line down the silent hill. Their journey captured my attention and focused me on the solace of this quiet place. At this point, I was living in a moment of peace. The hours ticked by leaving my freezer empty but my spirit full.

Having goals will wake one up and help guide him/her down a darkly lit path in a dark wood…but the successful person knows when to patiently stop and watch life romp and play on the side of a forgotten hill.

As the busy holiday season descend upon us all, please do not forget to disconnect and hunt for moments of silent patience.

Yours in Education,

Dr. Gregg McGough, CRI Blogger & Podcaster

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