Supporting School Leaders

True future-focused schools often demand school leadership to shift culture and encourage innovation in instructional practice. SPN is supporting these challenges to school leaders with several initiatives. The white paper on Leadership for College and Career Young speaker at a meetingReadiness outlines the leadership shifts necessary in schools.  These shifts also define the work of the institute.

Following are specific activities to support school leaders:

Virtual Activities

Twitter Chats  – Twitter micro-blogging creates a fast-paced open discussion on topics of the day.  Each weekly session starts with provocative question around which school leaders can share ideas.

Webinars –  Webinars from staff, coaches and partners share ideas and resources to support your improvement efforts.  Consult the webinars page for times and topics. (open to everyone)

School Coach  – Each Supporting Network School is assigned a school coach from the SPN network.  This is a primary contact person to assist you in locating information to support your school needs related to career readiness. (limited to Supporting School Members)

Virtual Office Hours – Experienced school leaders working with SPN schools will be available online for chat discussion. Go to the leadership page for times and link information.

School Leaders Community – One of the benefits of  Network Schools is participation in an exclusive community of leaders to share issues and ideas.


The  web site has articles, easy to use checklist/survey tools, and facilitation activities to support your leadership efforts with your team.

In-Person Activities  

Successful Practices Network staff and consultants are available to provide onsite executive coaching based on your frequency and timing of your needs. Contact SPN to discuss your needs, costs and staff expertise.  Staff have provide in-person coaching on the following topics.

  • Presentations on Importance of Learning for life readiness and Leadership Challenges of teaching in today’s environment
  • Facilitation of Defining Data Measures for College and Career Readiness
  • Overwhelming Inertia – Leadership Strategies for Changing Culture