SPN partners with select organizations that have a deep commitment to a rigorous and relevant education for ALL students. We thank our partners for collaborating to support our Member Schools and the students they serve.

LTS / Stride Academy

Personalized, Digital Game-Based Learning = Extraordinary Motivation to Inspire Monumental Achievements

Stride™ is an award-winning, cross-platform adaptive learning solution for PreK – High School that quickly accelerates learning with engaging curriculum engineered to match the depth and rigor of higher learning standards.

What goals are you chasing this year in your classroom or academic program? Whether your students need supplemental online practice, tutoring help after school, intensive daily intervention, or a serious boost in motivation, the Stride learning system has a perfect prescription for your success. Highly customizable to support a variety of educational models for PreK – High School, Stride is a breeze to implement and a joy to experience.


Why Envision?

Whether you are a parent, student or teacher, you know that big decisions about one’s future can be difficult. Even students who have a clear vision face real challenges. Unfortunately, academic success and solid credentials are no longer enough to succeed in today’s rapidly changing landscape. As the world gets smaller, competition increases and the talent pool of college and career candidates grows exponentially.

Along with passion and knowledge, today’s students need to demonstrate initiative, innovative thinking, and the ability to create a focused plan. Envision programs help students reach those goals, giving them an opportunity to try a career, develop real skills, and get that extra edge they seek while enjoying amazing experiences that lead to transformational confidence building and lifelong friendships.

Envision Programs

Our career, technology, and leadership programs are developed by educators and subject-matter professionals.  Using innovative tools and techniques, our activities mirror real-world challenges and facilitate critical thinking and communication among the groups. Our Advisors are highly trained teachers and subject-matter experts who love making a real impact—so much so that they come back year after year.

For decades, Envision has been a home for students with high academic achievement and a desire to build a focused plan for their future. Many of our students are nominated by teachers; others are selected via a national student talent identification program; and still others are selected by our Admissions Board based on their GPA, test scores, and passion for a specific area of career or leadership interest. However, our admissions team also accepts applications and often awards scholarships to high-caliber kids who need assistance. If you or your child have not received an invitation to attend but are interested in one of our programs, we encourage you to apply.