Data Publications

The following publications from SPN relate to improving the use of data and measuring what matters

Free White Papers

  • Learning Criteria for College and Career Readiness –  an overview how to expand student learning measures to achieve a more comprehensive view of student learning.  When schools only use a few academic state tests to measure success they are limited in improving student career readiness.  (A more extensive Learning Criteria document and related data tools are available to supporting member schools.)
  • Data Practices for Developing Life Career Abilities – an introduction to one of the keys in developing Life/Career Abilities (soft skills and non-cognitive skills). Schools cannot fully improve practices in facilitating students development of these skills until staff begin to quantify and measure these essential behaviors.

Publications for Purchase

  • Career Readiness Data Handbook: Measuring What Matters – an ebook that provides suggestions on answering key questions on preparing students to be career ready and implementation of career ready practices. The publication is free to staff in Network. Read this blog to learn more about the publication.