Who We Are

The Successful Practices Network is a community of future-focused schools, educators, and coaches bonded by a shared interest in and commitment to doing what’s best for students—from the central office to the classroom. Those who join our network are the instinctively inquisitive, the risk-takers, the doers, the change agents, the educators who know the work never gets done, but the effort to serve students for success in school and beyond must always persist. Our Members draw inspiration and motivation from the support and collaboration they find in this community of those likeminded in their devotion to students.

Amid today’s climate of initiative overload and ever-shifting regulatory goal posts, it’s easy to lose site of what really matters: preparing students for successful futures in school and beyond. SPN seeks to be refuge from the storm, where people likeminded in their future focus gather both virtually and in person to find flexible and customized, school-based coaching, empathetic peer support, content ideas, instructional tools, organizational best practices, among other benefits of annual membership. Our school-based Member network is motivated, active, open, and engaged, readily sharing their own expertise with SPN Members.

As a non-profit, we are able to do exactly what we joined this team and great network to do: help educators across the country improve student outcomes by aligning entire districts and schools around what’s best for students and their futures.